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2COLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALArtic BlueBlackBallet PinkCaribbeanCobaltFuchsiaKelly GreenNavyWhiteWisteriaCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALBallet PinkCaribbeanNavyWhiteCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALArtic BlueBlackBallet PinkCaribbeanCobaltFuchsiaKelly GreenNavyWhiteCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALArtic BlueFuchsiaWhite900622 *044 | L/S Mock w/ SUN ZIPPER | SolTek LUX900628S *043 | S/S Mock w/ SUN ZIPPER | SolTek LUX900627 *042 | Sleeveless Mock w/ SUN ZIPPER | SolTek LUXSUNZipper PullerMesh VentilationMesh VentilationRaglan SeamSide VentSUNZipper PullerSUNZipper PullerCap ShoulderRounded BottomCaribbeanCARIBKelly GreenKELGWhiteWHI900623 *042 | L/S Tee | SolTek LUXRaglan SeamMesh UnderarmMeshRounded BottomArtic BlueARBLUSOLTEK LUX SOLIDSCobaltCOBNavyNAVWisteriaWISTFuchsiaFUSBlackBLABallet PinkBAPIN900439 Cornower

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900627 Fuchsia900622CaribbeanSolTek LUXA stretch Jacquard pique’ that lifts the fabric off the skin for quick drying. Luxuriously soft and cool to the touch.900452 Pacic 900451RoseQuartz900439 RedSunGlowSoft, lightweight, moisture wicking, quick drying, naturally wrinkle free with aluxurious cool hand feel. Mélange A combination of Hi-tech cooling, polyester, and spandex bers create a heathered fabric which offers lightweight com-fort and functionality. 900439 Cornower

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Signature SwarovskiZipper PullerMesh VentilationSide Vent4SUNGLOW SOLIDSCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALBerryBlackCapriCornowerInkJadeNavyParadise PinkPinkRedScarletWhite900434 *044 | L/S Mock w/ Swarovski® Zipper | SunGlowScarletSCARBlackBLACOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALBerryBlackCapriCornowerInkNavyParadise PinkPinkRedScarletWhite900439 *042 | Sleeveless Mock w/ Swarovski® Zipper | SunGlowSignature SwarovskiZipper PullerCap ShoulderRounded BottomEMBROIDERY INFOExpert digitizing and experienced embroidery professionals ensure your logo will look its best 12 piece minimum (same logo & colors) | 12+ pcs = $4.50 per logoDigitizing Set-Up fee: $50.00 | No Fee if DST le is providedWhiteWHIJadeJADECapriCAPCornowerCFBLNavyNAVYInkINKBerryBERPinkPINKParadise PinkPARPRedRED

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5 COLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALWhite/NavyWhite/Black900446 *042 | Sleeveless Piping Mock | SunGlowWhiteWHINw/ Navy PipingWhiteWHIBw/ Black PipingRounded BottomCap ShoulderPipingBASICSMELANGECOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALPacic StripeRose Quartz StrpCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALPacicRose QuartzCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALPacicRose Quartz900450 *049 | Melange Mini Stripe Mock | SolTek ICE 900452 *049 | Solid Melange Mock | SolTek ICE 900451 *049 | Melange Hoodie | SolTek ICE Rose Quartz/WhiteRSQM/WHIRose QuartzRSQMPacic/WhitePACM/WHIPacicPACMPacicPACMRose QuartzRSQM

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MAKING SPIRITS BRIGHT - HOLIDAYColor XS S M L XL XXL TotalPink PoinsettiaOh What Fun MultiOh What Fun Black900463 *052 | L/S Mock | SolCool900320 *052 | Foil L/S Mock | SolShineColor XS S M L XL XXL TotalSleigh Bells Black/SilverSleigh Bells White/Rose GoldPink PoinsettiaPPTAOh What Fun MultiOWFNMOh What Fun BlackOWFNBSleigh Bells Black/SilverSBBSSleigh Bells White/Rose Gold SBWR

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900513 Black900513 Navy900512P Line-Up900628S Caribbean900512 White900451 Pacic

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900320 MirageInk/Silver900320 HeartbreakerWhite/Rose900320 InnityBlack/Black900320 MaisyBlack/Gold

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COLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALAberdeen Art/SilBotanical Ink/RosBotanical Wht/SilCheers Blk/SilverCheers White/GoldHalo Blue/BlueHalo White/SilverHeartbreaker W/SHeartbreaker W/RInnity Blk/BlkInnity Wht/GoldMaisy Black/GoldMaisy Navy/SilverMirage Ink/SilverMirage Wht/RosMonarch Wh/BlkMonarch Wh/GdOn Par Ink/SilverOn Par Wht/BlueProwl Blue/BlkProwl W/Copper900320 *052 | Foil L/S Mock | SolShinePRINTS9On ParInk/SilverONPINSOn ParWhite/BlueONPWBLMonarchW/BlkMOWBLKMonarchW/GoldMOWGProwlBlue/BlkPRBBLKProwlW/CopperPRWCCheersBlack/SilverCHEBSBotanical White/silverBOTWSMirageInk/SilverMIRISMirageWhite/Rose GoldMIRWRGInnityW/GoldINFWGInnityBlack/BlackINFBBMaisyBlack/GoldMASBMaisyNavy/SilverMASNSBotanical Ink/ Rose GoldBOTIRGHeartbreakerWhite/Rose HRTWRHeartbreakerWhite/Silver HRTWSCheersWhite/ GoldCHEWGHaloBlue/BlueHABLUHaloW/SilverHALWSAberdeenArtic Blue/ SilverABDAS

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10COLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALBiscayneChameleon MultiChameleon TanChantilly MultiChantilly PinkFlamingo PalmFree Rein BlackFree Rein BlueKingdom BlackKingdom MultiLucky CharmMai Tai BlackMai Tia NavyMumziePinnacle LimePinnacle NavySpritzSundance MultiTuscany PinkZanzibar BlueZanzibar Pink900621 *052 | L/S Mock | SolTek LUXPRINTSChameleon Mu CHAMUMumzieMUMZMai Tai BlackMAICBMai Tai NavyMAIPNSpritzSPRITZZanzibar BlueZANBLUZanzibar PinkZANPKLucky CharmLUKYCChameleon TanCHATATuscany PinkTUSCPFlamingo PalmFLAMPSundance MultiSUNDMChantily MultiCHANMUBiscayneBISCYNChantily PinkCHANPIKingdom BlkKNGBLKKingdom MultiKNGMUPinnacle NavyPINNPPinnacle LimePINLCFree Rein BlueFREBLUFree Rein BlackFREBLK

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13900621 Mumzie900621 Spritz900621Chantily Pink900621 Kingdom Black

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900445P Cherry Pie900463Old Glory900463Wildside Navy900478 Libertini

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900478 LibertiniCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALBy the SeaCatwalk CrmsicleCatwalk CapriEloise BlueFinlandia BlackFinlandia NavyFull Circle BlueFull Circle MultiIsland Paisley BlueIsland Pasiley PinkHorsin Around BluHorsin Around GldJet SetLibertiniMixology BlackMixology Cobalt Old GlorySeeing Spots InkSun KissedWildside BlackWildside NavyVista BlueVista Natural900463 *052 | L/S Mock | SolCoolPRINTSHorsin Around BHRSNBHorsin Around GHRSNGLibertiniLIBRTISun KissedSUNKISJet SetJETSOld GloryOLDGLCatwalk CrCWCREMixology BlkMIXBKFull Circle MultiFULMUFull Circle BlFULBPWildside NavyWLDNAVWildside BlkWLDBLKMixology CbMIXCOIsland P PkISPPIIsland P BlISPBLCatwalk CapCWCAPFin BlackFLANBFin NavyFLANNVista BlueVISTABVista NaturalVISTAN13Eloise BlueELBLBy e SeaBYTSEASee Spot InkSEEI

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White/Navy/RedWHI/NACOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALWhite/Navy/Red900436 *044 | L/S Mock Colorblock | SunGlowCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALChopsticks BlackChopsticks CaribDestiny BlackDestiny Navy900474 *052 | L/S Mock with Contrast Side Panel | SolCoolPRINTSChip ShotCHIPPutt Abv NavyAPTNAPutt Abv PinkAPTPICOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALA Putt Above NavyA Putt Above PinkCherry PieChip ShotKey Lime PieCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALLineup BlackLineup NavyRoyal PalmStars & Stripes900475 *052 | L/S Mock, Print Trim | SolCool900445P *052 | L/S Print Piping Mock | SolCool14Cherry PieCHRPIEDestiny NavyDSTNAVDestiny BlackDSTBLKChopsticks Black CHOPBWKey Lime PieKEYPIELineup BlackLINUPBLineup NavyLINEUPNStars & StripesSTARSRoyal PalmRYPMChopsticks CaribbeanCHOPCN

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COLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALBitsy BlueBitsy PinkStarboardWallace Plaid BlueWallace Plaid Pink900611 *052 | L/S Mock | SolTekPRINTSBitsy BlueBITBLPlay 4 PinkP4PBitsy PinkBITPWallace Plaid PkWALPIWallace Plaid BlWALBLStarboardSTARMorse Code RubyMCDWRMorse Code ArticMCDWABMorse Code BlkMCDWBLMorse Code Navy MCDWNCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALMorse Code ArticMorse Code BlackMorse Code NavyMorse Code Ruby900323 *036 | L/S Mock (non-metallic) | SolShineCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALPlay 4 PinkCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALCheers BlackInnty Caribbean900618 *052 | L/S Mock | SolstyleInnity CaribbeanINFCWCheers Black/GoldCHEBG900463 *052 | L/S Mock | SolCoolSanSoleil is partnering with Play for P.I.N.K by donating a portion of sales on the exclusive print top to further breast cancer research.playforpink.org15COLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALPlay 4 Pink900471 *046 | S/L Mock | SolCoolPlay 4 PinkP4P

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16COLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALA Put Above PinkA Put Above NavyBy The SeaChip ShotFlag Day NavyFull Circle BlueIsland Paisley PinkLibertiniLineup BlackLineup NavyOld GloryRoyal PalmSeeing Spots InkStars and StripesWildside BlackWildside NavyCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALChantilly MultiKingdom BlackMai Tai PinkMumzieSundance MultiZanzibar Blue900471 *046 | S/L Mock | SolCool 900627P *046 | S/L Mock | SolTek LUX PRINTSStars & StripesSTARSRoyal PalmRYPMLibertiniLIBRTIFlag Day NFLAGNKingdom BlackKNGBLKZanzibar BlueZANBLUMai Tai PinkMAIPNMumzieMUMZSee Spot InkSEEIOld GloryOLDGLLineup NavyLINUPNLineup BlkLINUPBBy e SeaBYTSEAChip ShotCHIPIsland Paisley PkISPPIFull Circle BlFULBPWildside NvWLDNAVWildside BlkWLDBLKPutt NavyAPTNAPutt PinkAPTPIChantily MultiCHANMUSundance MultiSUNDM

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COLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALWallace Plaid BlueWallace Plaid PinkPRINTSRoyal PalmRYPMLibertiniLIBRTIChantily MultiCHANMU900634P *046 | S/L Mock | SolTek Wallace Plaid PkWALPIWallace Plaid BlWALBL17COLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALHeartbreaker W/SilOn Par White/BluProwl White/Cop900321 *046 | S/L Mock | SolShineOn ParWhite/BlueONPWBLProwlWh/CopperPRWCHeartbreakerWhite/SilverHRTWS900478 *049 | S/S Mock | SolCoolCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALA Put Above NavyBy The SeaLibertiniLineup BlackLineup NavyRoyal PalmSeeing Spots InkVista BlueVista BlueVISTABSee Spot InkSEEIA Putt Above NavyAPTNA900628 *049 | S/S Mock | SolTek LUXCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALChantilly MultiBy e SeaBYTSEALineup NavyLINUPNLineup BlkLINUPB

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900474 Chopsticks900475 Royal Palm900621 Zanzibar Pink900512 Navy

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900722Mai Tai Navy900445P Key Lime Pie900512 Navy900463Full Circle Multi

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COLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTAL722-C By The Sea722-C Clover Navy722-C Flag Day722-I Free Rein Bl722-I Innity Carib722-C Island Paisly722-C Libertini722-I Mai Tai Nav722-I Mirage Ink722-C On Par Co722-I Pinnacle N722-I Prowl Blk/T722-C S Spot Ink 722-I Starboard722-C Vista Blue900722-I SolStyle ICE / 722-C COOL | *069 | 36” S/L DressSPORTSWEARWhiteWHICOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALWhite900203D *012 | Bloomers | SunGlowClover NavyCLVRNFlag Day NavyFLAGN* ALL DRESSES SHIP WITH “BLOOMER” UNDER SHORT INCLUDEDOn Par CornowerONPCFIInnity CaribbeanINFCW Pinnacle NavyPINNP LibertiniLIBRTI Free Rein BlueFREBLU Mirage InkMIRIWSee Spot InkSEEIMai Tai NavyMAINWBy e SeaBYTSEAIsland Paisley PkISPPIStarboard NavySTARNProwl Black/TanPRBTVista BlueVISTAB20

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21LibertiniLIBRTI Chantilly MultiCHANMU SPORTSWEARCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALChantilly MultiFlag Day NavyFlamingo PalmLibertiniSeeing Spots InkSundance BlackSundance Multi900207P *049 | 17” Golf Skort w/ Short | SolStyle Flamingo PalmFLAMPSundance MultiSUNDMSundance Black SUNDBSee Spot InkSEEI900724S *065 | 36” S/L Colorblock Dress | SolStyle COOLCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALBlack/whiteNavy/whiteScarlet/whiteBlack/WhiteBL AWNavy/WhiteNAVWScarlet/WhiteSCARWBlackBLACOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALBlackInk900210-I *049 | Ankle Pant | SolStyle ICEInkINKCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALBlackInk900224 *049 | Ankle Length Legging with Skirt | SolCool BlackBLAInkINKFlag Day NavyFLAGN

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COLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALBlackInk White900208S *045 | 14” Skort w/ Short | SunGlowInkINKBlackBLAWhiteWHI22SPORTSWEARCOLOR XS S M L XL XXLTOTALBlackNavyScarletWhiteCOLOR XS S M L XL XXLTOTALBlackNavyWhiteCOLOR XS S M L XL XXLTOTALLineup BlackLineup NavyCOLOR XS S M L XL XXLTOTALBlackNavy900207-S *046 | 17” Skort w/ Short | SolStyle 900512 *065 | Solid Vest | Sol-Layer 900512P *069 | Printed Vest | Sol-Layer 900513 *069 | Solid Jacket | Sol-Layer WhiteWHIWhiteWHINavyNAVNavyNAVNavyNAVScarletSCARBlackBLABlackBLABlackBLALineup NavyLINUPNLineup BlkLINUPBFREE EMBROIDERY: Minimum 12 pieces, same logo/colorFREE EMBROIDERY: Minimum 12 pieces, same logo/colorFREE EMBROIDERY: Minimum 12 pieces, same logo/color

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RACQUET SPORTS23COLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTAL445P Sidelines471 SidelinesCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALOverservedRound RobinCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALOverservedUnderservedCOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALUnderservedRound Robin900445P *052/ 900471 *046 | L/S Piping Mock/ S/L Mock | SolCoolSidelines SIDESidelines SIDECOLOR XS S M L XLXXLTOTALNight Sky900624S *042 | Active Tee | SolAir900463 *052 | L/S Mock | SolCool900479 *043 | Novelty Tee | SunGlow900428PR *043 | Active Tee | SunGlowOverservedOVRSRVRound RobinRNDRBNOverservedOVRSRVUnderservedUNDSRVUnderservedUNDSRVRound RobinRNDRBNNight SkyNTSKY

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Sky/WhiteSKY/WHNight Sky/ Red Stripe WHNRChambray/Night Sky Stripe WHCNUSAleUSALEUSAleUSALEIndigo/WhiteIND/WHClaret/WhiteCLA/WHSurf/WhiteSRFM/WHIRose Quartz/WhiteRSQM/WHIPacic/WhitePACM/WHICOLOR S M L XLXXLTOTALClaret/WhiteIndigo/WhiteSky/WhiteCOLOR S M L XLXXLTOTALPacic/WhiteRose Quartz/WhiteSurf/White900837M *052 | L/S Mini Stripe Polo | SolTek ICE900837MM *052 | Melange Mini Stripe Polo | SolTek ICEMENS SOLTEK ICE900841 *054 | L/S Polo Printed | SolTek ICE900840 *050 | S/S Polo | SolTek ICECOLOR S M L XLXXLTOTALUSAleWhite/Night/RedWhite/Cham/NigCOLOR S M L XLXXLTOTALUSAleWhite/Night/RedWhite/Cham/NigFREE EMBROIDERY: Minimum 12 pieces, same logo/color24TOURNAMENT, TEAM, EVENT INFOAre you looking to make a statement at your next tournament, event, or with team uniforms? Look no further! Sansoleil provides golf products made from the highest-quality materials with extra focus on UV sun protection, comfort, durability, and style no matter the body type.Our team of experts will work with you to create the perfect package with special pricing and exceptionalattention. Contact: Deanna@line-up.comChambray/Night Sky Stripe WHCNNight Sky/ Red Stripe WHNR

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25ChambrayCHAMNight SkyNTSKYNight Sky (SolAir)NTSKYSlateSLATE900837 *050 | L/S Polo | SolAirCOLOR S M L XLXXLTOTALChambrayNight SkySlateWhite (SolTek ICE) WHIWhiteWHISurfSRFMSurf (Melange)SRFM900835 *049 | L/S Melange Polo w/ Mesh | SolTek ICE900835C *049 | L/S Melange Polo w/ Mesh | SolTek ICEMENS SOLTEK ICE900825C/ 825 *042 | L/S Crew COLOR S M L XLXXLTOTALCharcoalClaretIndigoSky BlueSpruce White SolidCOLOR S M L XLXXLTOTALPacicRose QuartzSurfCOLOR S M L XLXXLTOTALNight Sky 825CSurfWhite SolidRose QuartzRSQMPacicPACMEMBROIDERY INFOExpert digitizing and experienced embroidery professionals ensure your logo will look its best 12 piece minimum (same logo & colors) | 12+ pcs = $4.50 per logoDigitizing Set-Up fee: $50.00 | No Fee if DST le is providedFREE EMBROIDERY: Minimum 12 pieces, same logo/colorCharcoalCHARMSpruceSPRUCMClaretCLARTMIndigoINDMSky BlueSKYBM

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900825 White900841 US Ale900835C Rose Quartz900837 Night Sky

Page 27

900837 Slate900840 Chambray/Night Sky900837MM Pacic Stripe900835 White

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MCDWRSolShineFLAGNSolCoolCOLOR CARDMCDWABSolShineUSALEMENS SolTek ICESTARSSolCoolCHRPIESolCoolCHIPSolCoolSEEISolCoolCHATASolTek LUXONPWBLSolShineMIXCOSolCoolABDASSolShineSTARNSolStyleMAINWSolStyleHRSNBSolCoolELBLSolCoolwhitecobalt18-3949TPXSanSoleilMixologyCoblatTUSCBSolTek LUXWALBLSolTekdyed cornflower16-4132TPXgraphite foil02-704SanSoleilProwlCornflower/GraphiteONPCFISolStyleBITBLSolTekZANBLUSolTek LUXHABLUSolShinePRBBLKSolShinewhitelime13-0535TPXmatch solidcornflowerSanSoleilEloiseBlueMCDWNSolShinedyed cornflower16-4132TPXblue foilSanSoleilHaloCornflower/BlueCLVRNSolStyleONPINSSolShineWLDNAVSolCoolDSTNAVSolCoolSTARSolTekwhite match solidcoblatmatch solidartic blueSanSoleilStarboardBlueMASNSSolShineMIRISSolShineAPTNASolCoolLIBRTISolCoolOLDGLSunGlowFREBLUSolTek LUX

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COLOR CARDFLAMPSolTek LUXCHAMUSolTek LUXMARGSolTek LUXFULMUSolCoolSPRITZSolTek LUXCLVRSolCoolKEYPIESolCoolBYTSEASolCoolFLANBSolCoolCHOPCNSolCoolBISCYNSolTek LUXLINUPBSolCoolCHANMUSolTek LUXMAICBSolTek LUXLUKYCSolTek LUXMUMZSolTek LUXISPBLSolCoolSUNDMSolTek LUXwhiteartic blue13-4411TPXmatch solidcornflowershell pink12-1310TPXamethyst17-3725TPXlime13-0535TPXmatch solidNavySanSoleilVistaBlueVISTABSolCoolFULBPSolCoolINFCWSolStyleFLANNSolCoolBOTIRGSolShineJETSSolCoolISPPISolCoolKNGMUSolTek LUXMAIPNSolTek LUXCWCAPSolCoolwhitematch solidcapriblack19-4004TPXSanSoleilCatwalkCapriWALPISolTekPINLCSolTek LUXPINNPSolTek LUXRYPMSolCoolSUNKISSolCoolZANPKSolTek LUXBITPSolTek

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COLOR CARDHRTWRSolShineHRTWSSolShineLINUPBSolCoolSIDESolCoolMIXBKSolCoolHRSNGSolCoolCHOPBWSolCoolWLDBLKSolCoolHALWSSolShineBOTWSSolShinePRBTSolStyleMOWGSolShineMOWBLKSolShineRAQUET PRINTSOVRSRVSolCoolOVRSRVSunGlowUNRSRVSunGlowUNRSRVSolCoolCWCRESolCoolVISTANSolCoolMCDWBLSolShinePRWCSolShinewhitecreamsicle13-1716 TPGmatch solidNavySanSoleilCatwalkCreamsiclewhiteSanSoleilMonarchWhite/Goldgold foilwhiteblack19-4004TPXSanSoleilMixologyBlackwhite copper foil02-708SanSoleilProwlWhite/Copperwhitematch solidpearlmatch solidparadise pinkstone13-0607TPXshifting sand14-1210TPXrio red19-1656TPXblack19-4004TPXSanSoleilVistaNaturalwhite silver foilSanSoleilHaloWhite/SilverwhiteSanSoleilMonarchWhite/Graphitegraphite foil02-704TUSCPSolTek LUXwhite gold foilSanSoleilChampsWhite/GoldCHEWGSolShineAPTPISolCoolMIRWRGSolShineP4PSolCoolCHANPISolTek LUXINFWGSolShineMASBSolShineDSTBLKSolCoolFREBLKSolTek LUXINFBBSolShineKNGBLKSolTek LUXRNDRBNSoCoolCHEBGSolStyle

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900463Round Robin900428PRUnderserved900479 Overserved900479 Underserved

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SIZE LABEL BUSTSLEEVE LENGTHHIP/SWEEPXS 2-4 32-34 23.5 35S 4-6 34-36 23.75 37M 8-10 36-38 24 39L 12-14 38-41 24.25 42XL 16-18 41-44 24.5 45.5*XXL 20-22 44-47 24.75 49*Select styles & colors onlySolTek LUXUV50+ 92% Cooling Nylon/ 8% SpandexThis jacquard stretchy pique’ has a cotton-like feel, is luxuriously soft with quick drying and ultra cooling nylon technology. Classic t: true to sizeSolCoolUV50+ 92% Cooling Poly, 8% SpandexUltra lightweight fabric, reduces skin temperature by 3-5˚F when wet. The more you sweat the cooler you get. Easy care, wrinkle-resistant. Classic t: true to sizeSunGlowUV50+ 92% Poly, 8% SpandexSoft, lightweight, moisture wicking, quick drying, naturally wrinkle free with a luxurious cool hand feel. Classic t: true to sizeClassic t: true to sizeSolShineUV50+ 92% Poly, 8% SpandexA ne, lightweight stretchy knit in a textured crêpe hand. Relaxed t: Loose, fuller silhouetteSolStyle88% Poly, 12% Spandex COOL93% Nylon, 7% Spandex ICESeasonless stretch knit. Washable, wrinkle-free, with UV50+ Sun protection that is ideal for sports and travel. Classic t: true to sizeSol-LayerUV50+ 90% Poly, 10% SpandexStretchy Double Knit Jersey, Quick drying with an Ultra-Soft hand feel. Perfect for “on the go” outerwear. Classic t: true to sizeSolAirUV50+ 88.5% nylon, 3.5% Polyester, 8% Spandex Cooling minerals create a continuous cooling effect. Advanced wicking and quick drying properties provide nonstop comfort. Available in Mens and Womens SolTek ICE MelangeUV50+ 92% Cooling Poly, 8% SpandexA combination of Hi-tech cooling, polyester, and spandex bers create a heathered fabric which offers lightweight comfort and functionality.Available in Mens and Womens SolTek ICEUV50+ 88% Cooling Poly, 12% SpandexHi-Tech Cooling Polyester-Stretch blend accelerates moisturewicking for quick drying performance. Lightweight and breathable.Mesh ventilation increases air circulation and promotes cooling.SANSOLEIL TECH FABRICSWOMEN’S SIZE CHART0424SanSoleil uses the highest quality textiles to create beautiful clothes with fashion and function. We take advantage of many types of fabrics to suit every activity from physical workouts to backyard parties. Our goal is to keep you protected while you stay active.We balance wearable comfort with standout technology. UV 50 COOLING APPARELSIZE CHESTS 37-40”M 40-43”L 43-46”XL 46-49”XXL 49-52”MEN’S SIZE CHARTPO BOX 1429, Newport Beach, CA 92659 Ph: 800.654.6773 E-mail: kevin@line-up.com6/30*Subject to change